The Urban Legend features:
  • Turn-based strategy combat;
  • Guileful and deadly dangerous AI;
  • Genuine pixel handmade graphics;
  • Thrilling storyline based on some conspiracy theories and actual facts;
  • Mercenaries for hire and wide choice of futuristic weaponry;
  • Cyberchips implants to improve your soldiers;
  • Different types of terrain including abandoned city districts and secret laboratories; (see screenshots).


The easiest way to find out if your computer meets the requirements is just to download shareware version and try to run it.

Urban Legend TIMELINE

2029. US government formed research group to work on secret project named CF4A. The aim of project CF4A was to find a source of mass cheap food to struggle against threatening starvation in the United States colony namely Russia.

2039. Significant break-through in genetic engineering finally allowed to create genetically modified food of new generation. It was named CF.

2044. CF became extremely popular in all US colonies. New genetically modified species were undemanding and very enduring. They crowded out non-modified ones.

2046. Green peace lobbied through an idea to use CF genes to save wild animals by making them genetically modified.

2050. With new flavor additives CF came to the US market and dominated it easily. In the course of time CF practically replaced all the food.

2062. First cases of stomach cancer among CF continuous consumers were reported.

2065. The last not genetically modified animal died in the Los Angeles Zoo.

2069. It was finally proved that long-term consumption of CF causes stomach cancer.

2071. All still living members of the original team worked for CF4A were found and sentenced to death.

2075. Some unknown Bigfood corporation announced it has food that does not cause cancer.

2085. ...and it was proved right.

2127. Game plot starts.